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Over the years, many charities and non-profit organizations have been criticized for heavy administrative costs and misallocation of funds. It is our belief that if we are to make a meaningful difference in the world, we must be accountable for our actions, accountable to our recipients and accountable to our donors. This means:

  • Minimizing our overhead and administration fees in order to maximize the benefits for recipients: the board of directors and executives are elected as volunteers and receive no wages or monetary compensation for their efforts. As much as it is possible, we strive to acquire donations in terms of services and equipment required to run our organization.

  • Transparency: we want our donors to know where every dollar of their money is going. At the end of every fiscal year a report shall be published detailing the percentage breakdown of our expenditures and amount of money dedicated towards our projects. 

  • Ensuring efficacy through proper planning and progress assessments: prior to implementing an initiative, long term goals and a detailed analysis of the risks and benefits will be done. After the project is implemented, regular progress assessments (which take into account the feedback of the recipients) will be conducted to make sure the project continues run with efficacy and provides maximal benefit to our recipients.

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