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June 15, 2016.


Reach High, Dig Deep: Preparing for Water


This May, Mugeta villagers gathered at the local elementary school to brainstorm strategies for effective water management  in anticipation of the Maji Mazuri Water Project. With great excitement, villagers shared smiles as they passed around cards made by friends from the UBC Hope for Happiness Team.

"Despite the fact that we live oceans apart, it's great to think we can still connect through the simple things like hand-written notes and a common desire to make our communities the healthiest they can be," said UBCHFH volunteer,
 "We are really excited about the well and we hope they are too!" 

After many months of researching and negotiating, HFH has finalized quotes for a deep water well and accompanying water infrastructure. Stay tuned for more good news soon!

July 31, 2016.



Today marks the culmination of many months of hard work and the beginnings of new way of life in Mugeta Village. This July, HFH took the plunge and scraped together the last few dollars needed to put the Maji Mazuri Clean Water Project into action. At a depth of 105m, we finally hit fresh underground water!

Up until this point, villagers have been sharing a small pond with animals; and water-related diseases have ravaged the community, jeopardizing the livelihoods and lives of its residents. But today –today all of that changes…

Hearts filled with gratitude, we want to THANK all of you who have encouraged and supported our initiatives over the years, with a very special mention to all of the incredible young men and women that drive our university divisions, UBCHFH and UWHFH! 

We couldn’t do it without you!

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Every Friday, HFH posts a photo, photo essay, video, song or article on our facebook page to showcase global issues, foster awareness and cultivate acceptance of diverse perspectives and cultures. 


At Hope for Happiness, we refuse to believe that charity is an act of heroism. 

As an incorporated Canadian non-profit organization, we are dedicated to promoting awareness of human rights issues and taking action against poverty on a local and international scale. 

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One of the beautiful things about our projects is that they are investments that will keep growing for generations to come.

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March 20, 2016.


Hope for Happiness takes home 'Most Engaging Workshop'


This month, our Global Lounge Representative, Fatima Tajammal presented a workshop on Human Security at the UBC Global Lounge's biannual Impact Lab. Fatima's eye-opening talk earned her 'Most Engaging Presentation.' Amazing work, Fatima ~ we are very proud of you! 

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