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The Boundaries of Civilization

Taitung, Taiwan –July 2013. 12 years have passed. A patient, a soldier, a widower, a father and a grandfather, lies quietly, bedridden for more than a decade. Beyond his window, his wife has passed, his children have grown and had some of their own. And he is alone now, accompanied only by the transience of his own thoughts. Bedsores eat away his flesh causing excruciating pain and fatigue. But with proper education, nutrition, care and Love, this life might not have been his...


Even the highest quality of medical care becomes of little worth if it is not available to those who most need it. And it is indeed, often those marginalized groups whether they are those living in rural areas, ethnic minorities, or economically disadvantaged, who need it most. A society's level of civilization is not dictated by its wealth or technological advancement, but rather, by its capacity to take care of its most vulnerable members .

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