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"Clean water saves lives and so can you! Water you waiting for?"

This past August, we funded an extensive hydrogeological survey in Mugeta as part of our Sustainable Farm Project and commitment to improving community health. We recently received the formal report and we have good news! The survey confirms the presence of sustainable aquifers suitable for groundwater development for drinking and for the farm.

Our colleague in Mugeta sent us a short video clip that shows Mugeta school girls collecting drinking water. But the chronic malnutrition and water-related diseases that affect Mugetan citizens everyday don't have to continue. At about $20 CAD per person, our clean water project (which includes the installation of a well, manual and electric pumps and holding tanks) can provide the villagers with safe drinking water for life! Think what a tremendous difference this clean water well will make!

We have secured $1970 for the well installation, but we need your help with the remaining $5000. If you can spare even a few dollars for this cause, please don't hesitate: CONTRIBUTE! We really appreciate your support! Stay tuned for updates coming soon under our Projects page.

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