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COVID-19 Relief

HFH COVID-19 Relief Raffle!

As the number of cases continue to increase at an alarming rate, the population most at risk are those families who are unable to feed themselves during this tough time. Food-insecure families and individuals are more susceptible to the widespread effects of this pandemic due to lesser access to health care, financial constraints, and even lack of knowledge regarding proper prevention and care. School closures and job disruptions have increased the burden of low-income families, consequently increasing the demand placed on food banks. Much of the financial support food banks typically receive at this time of the year (through public events such as fundraiser runs, dinners, food drives and industry events) has completely disappeared

Hope for Happiness is honoured to partner with local community food banks, in order to reduce their burden.

For EVERY donation made, you will receive entry into our raffle draw for a chance to win a brand-new iPad*!

$2 Donation= 1 raffle ticket
$5 Donation=  3 raffle tickets
$10 Donation= 7 raffle tickets 


Your generous donations will directly support local food banks as they continue to serve low-income families, elderly and other vulnerable folks in this time of need.

Your help in this difficult time is greatly appreciated!

Please note: we are unable to accept in-kind donations at this time due to health and safety concerns.

*iPad (6th generation) Wi-Fi 128GB, valued at $549 +tax. The winner will be announced April 25, 2020 at 6 pm EST/ 9pm PST.