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We go where others won't and do what other's don't...

Hope for Happiness aims to take action against poverty, promote sustainable development and encourage social justice worldwide.


We believe that the most important part of any project we embark on is to work with people, rather doing the work for them. Instead of imposing a one-sided solution, our work is grounded in collaboration. We work closely with communities to identify their most-pressing needs and develop sustainable and context-appropiate solutions by coordinating knowledge and resources from diverse sources.  We see value in this approach as it creates an infrastructure of mutual respect and understanding, through which our efforts can directly and purely empower the people in need. 


Our current international project is based in Mugeta, Tanzania where we are working hand-in-hand with the villagers to strengthen community health, education and livelihoods. Locally, university chapters of Hope for Happiness are involved various community initiatives such as running soup kitchens and coordinating workshops. 

Mrs. Chieh of Tai Yuan Village (Taiwan) defies stereotypes. At 94-years-old, she is recovering from hip sugery, but still lives independently, doing all of the cooking and cleaning on her own.  In her youth, Mrs Chieh taught herself how to read and write Mandarin, making her one of the very few literate Amis women of her generation.

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Where we work

Learn about the vibrant community of Mugeta, Tanzania.

Maji Mazuri Project

One water well,

countless lives improved.


HFH Sustainable Farm

Growing opportunities

for a better life.

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