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Maji Mazuri Water Project

In the rural village of Mugeta, Tanzania, it is common knowledge that hand-washing greatly reduces the chance of  life-threatening infections.
But when it's a struggle to spare a single cup of water to drink each day, hand-washing just doesn't seem like the greatest priority...


Hope for Happiness has partnered with Mugeta Village Council and Mugeta Children School to bring the village safe and sustainable water facilities. On August 30th, 2015, HFH funded an extensive hydrogeological survey to determine a suitable location for a deep water well. Much to the villager's joy, a perfect spot was found in a central location near the school and HFH Sustainable Farm land.


Currently, HFH is raising funds to complete the well construction. Based on current estimates, the well-installation will cost about $10,500 CAD. Up to this point, we have collected $8900 towards this project and hope to reach our fundraising goal and commence construction in February 2017.  

Project Goals:

  • Provide clean, potable water for the children and staff of Mugeta Children's School, and surrounding residents

  • Reduce the incidence of water-borne and related diseases such as cholera and malaria

  • Reduce the amount of time individuals must spend travelling and waiting to collect water each day

  • Provide a steady source of water for HFH Sustainable Farm

  • Work in collaboration with the village council to estabilish a water management and conservation program to ensure continued utility of the water project for generations to come

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