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Eye Care for Mugeta

We are reaching out for eyeglasses donations for the villagers of Mugeta, Tanzania!

Mugeta is a poor, remote rural village. Impacted by geographic isolation, poverty and a lack of nutritious foods, many of the villagers are adversely affected by poor vision. Vision problems have a significant impact on their daily lives and work/education. Uncorrected refractive error can lead to many downstream consequences such as visual impairment, retinal detachment and blindness.

To help out, we have arranged a vision screening program in collaboration with doctors from the Arafa Highland Health Centre in Dar es Salaam, which will take place July 2019. Eye examinations will be offered to local school children and villagers, and prescription-matched glasses will be provided for free. We can take any number of donated eye glasses as the need for the 14,000 Mugetan villagers is high.

We are collecting gently used prescription eye glasses, and optometry equipment.

To make a donation, please contact us: Email: Phone: 778-230-4561 (Joash)

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