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Thank you for a fantastic 2015!

Thank you for a fantastic 2015!

Over the past year, we have grown exponentially. We are very happy to report that in the last four months we raised over $6220 towards our beautiful water project!

While this is a very modest amount, it will have tremendous impact on the lives of our friends in Mugeta, Tanzania. Not only does it mean clean water to drink, but it paves the way for a future where hunger and poverty no longer exist!

As the New Year approaches, we want to THANK YOU for making dreams like these possible. May your 2016 bring you and your loved ones health, safety, joy and happiness!

Here is the latest photo sent to us from our friends in Mugeta Village! Located adjacent to Mugeta Children's School, this land will soon be transformed into HFH Sustainable Farm. Do you see the potential too?

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